Imagining Armageddons

Unearthed, thought lost but found in a dutifully-automated archive: a mixture of Armageddons from Breughel and ISIS, made using software I was writing in late 2015. A collision of apocalyptic worldviews.

Since then: fire, drought, tyrants, protests, Panama papers, plagues of mice and microorganisms.


In the spirit of the previous post about impatient film photography, I tried using a “proper” digital camera and macro lens to scan these negatives, rather than a phone. Shot them right through the PrintFile page, still in their sleeves – on very close inspection you can see occasional tiny bubbles and reflections from the transparent sheet.

Even with that interference, the results lets the snappiness of the original lens shine through: the Zeiss 50mm Planar ZM, a close cousin to the Zeiss 45mm Planar that I’ve been so happy with on the Contax G.

The setup:

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