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January 2013
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Selected Reviews

"[Rift Storm Legion is] a really, really beautiful game. Breath-taking, in fact... the best looking things in gaming, period, right now." -- GamingTrend, Dec 2012

an undeniably gorgeous gameIGN

“One area where Rift definitely delivers is the graphics” The Escapist 

Outstanding” - Graphics Rating of 95  Ten Ton Hammer 

 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within: “Undoubtedly this year's most visually stunning movieArs Technica 

A mesmerizing technical achievement, and a breakthrough in the synergy... between digital gaming and moviegoing.” Entertainment Weekly

Last Flight of the Osiris: “the best of the Animatrix shorts” Rotten Tomatoes

Professional Experience

Trion Worlds, Redwood Shores, California. 2008-2012.
Senior Technical Artist supervising all rendering for the games RIFT and its sequel Rift Storm Legion.

NVIDIA Corporation, Santa Clara, California. 2002-2008.
Art & Technology Evangelist for developer marketing and content development

Square USA, Honolulu. 1998-2002.
Imaging Supervisor, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within & Animatrix: Last Flight of the Osiris

Pixar Animation Studios, San Francisco Bay Area. 1993-1998.
Animation Scientist, Toy Story and A Bug's Life
Supervising Game Technical Director, Toy Story CD-ROMs & videogames; commercials

Lightmotive Entertainment, Los Angeles. 1992-1993.
3D Supervisor and software developer for the live action feature film Super Mario Brothers

Acteurs Auteurs Associes (AAA)/Selena Audiovisuel, Paris. 1991-1992.
Production manager, writer, and animation developer for the 3D animated film Kazhann

deGraf/Wahrman, Inc., Los Angeles. 1989-1991.
Co-owner/developer/generalist - film effects and theme park rides

R/Greenberg Associates, New York. 1988-1989.
Director of 3D Software Production and Development

Kroyer Films, Hollywood. 1988.
Startup employee #4 (#3?)

Digital Productions, Robert Abel & Associates, Omnibus Simulation, Los Angeles. 1984-1987.
Senior Technical Director.

National Pixel Products/Consultant, Los Angeles/New York. 1983-1991.
Independant Consultant & Game Developer in college & beyond

ABC Television/KSTP-TV, Minneapolis/St. Paul, 1981.
Interning Associate Producer of Twin Cities Today

Gospel Films/Golden West, Inc, Los Angeles, 1980.
Assistant Director and SPFX animator.

Century Communications Inc., Minneapolis, 1978-1979.
Manager of a professional photo/cine equipment house, commercial photographer/assistant.

Donaldson's, Minneapolis, 1976-1977.
Special Events Advertising

Little Bit Magazine/Little Bit Publications Inc., Minneapolis, 1974-1977.
Assistant editor & writer 

Skills and Tools

Javascript, Python, WebGL/HTML5, Maya, Photoshop, HLSL, Cg, GLSL, C++, Qt, RenderMan, XML, Java, Perforce, JSON, Tcl, Perl, Processing, social network analysis & visualization, public speaking, business gamification, filmmaking, photography, lighting, writing, editing, web design, interaction design

Featured Speaking Events

SIGGRAPH: 2001-2007. 1990-1991, 1988
GDC Game Developers’ Conference:
XNA Gamefest: 2006-2007
Online Game Developer's Conference 2007
Shanghai Jiaotong University 2005
International Conference on Virtual Storytelling (ICVS) Toulouse
Gathering 2 and Dawn to Dusk London 2002-2004
GPU-BBQ Korea 2006
CEDEC Japan 2003 & 2005
Iron Developer Tokyo 2003-2004
Developer Deep Fry, Austin 2003
SoftExpo Korea 2001  

Computer Books

GPU Gems, GPU Gems 2, GPU Gems 3 (Editor and contributor)
The Cg Tutorial (contributor)
The RenderMan Companion (contributor)


Academy Awards Special Award, Toy Story; Animated Short Nominee, Technological Threat

Clio: Best Computer Animation 1994, 1988, 1987, 1986

Prix Pixel Monte Carlo 1991, 1985 (twice in ‘85)

Bilboard Music Awards 1986

Monitor Award 1987

New York International Festival 1986

Parigraph (Paris) 1986

NCGA 1986, 1985

Houston Film Festival 1985


California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), Los Angeles. 1980-1984. BFA Live-Action Film, minor in Theatre.

UCLA, 1980. Program in Fiction Writing.

Sherwood Oakes Experimental College, Hollywood, 1979-1980. TV sitcom writing & standup comedy.

Film in the Cities, St. Paul.

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis/St. Paul.

St. Anthony Village HS, Minneapolis. National Merit Scholar honoree.

Recent online courses have included Algorithms and Machine Learning, Stanford University; Gamification, Wharton/UPenn; Social Network Analysis, University of Michigan; Brain Structure & Its Origins, MIT.

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