Missing Monet More

Every weekend I tell myself I'm going to see the Legion of Honor Monet Show, and every weekend: not.

I awoke this morning at 9AM with the same intent and it's already 1:30. It's an hour drive & I need a shower. Instead I've been scanning negs, watching vids, listening to podcasts, and the next thing I know... not that it's been time ill-spent! And later-on I've got a new bit of company: a boxful of back issues of Private were delivered last night, fotografie e surrealismi in bianco e nero. Still unopened.

"Monet in Normandy" ends next Sunday so the pressure will be on. This coming week promises to be a busy one, with art and technology events scheduled for every night but Monday. Next Saturday will have to be focused on getting out early, taking the kids, and heading not only to the Legion but also the SFMOMA Weston/Modotti show and making one of my periodic pilgrimages to 49 Geary and its stack of good revolving exhibitions. Gotta beat contemporary art into 'em while they're young, I say.

September 10, 2006



The Troubles


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