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Kevin Bjorke
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The following is the text of a letter that I’ve been sharing with my fellow residents in Petaluma and greater Sonoma County, California.

We Need a Hard Shutdown - ❤️ - Not Just “Shelter in Place”

It looks obvious from gazing out the window here that “Shelter in Place” is grand theatre but it will have limited impact on actually STOPPING THE DISEASE – the toy stores, head shops, icecream parlors, etc are still open here in Petaluma. Crowds are still collecting around restaurant takeout windows, food trucks, and I can’t imagine Costco.

There’s an old saw that is repeated by doctors: “if you want a public health policy to fail, the most-effective way is to make it optional.”

We need a national shutdown, immediately. It needs to be a hard lockdown. All the arguments we hear today from policymakers and media are not about STOPPING THE ILLNESS. The truth is that even from an economic perspective a hard shutdown will check all the Make America Great boxes – countries that can crush this illness fastest will have tremendous advantage for years and their markets will thrive. Those that lose time on choosing between different unproductive strategies will stumble and tumble.

Every hour wasted on arguments costs thousands of lives. Acting Sunday versus Friday could easily impact a million lives or more. That’s 8000+ people per hour.

I’ve done calculations just for Petaluma and unless the disease is stopped we could lose well over 1,000 people. Maybe a lot over. Friends, neighbors.

Everyone stay put at home. Avoid everything, even the grocery store. It’s the safest course of action for you personally regardless of whether “leaders” act or not. And send out whatever you can you get this message heard – not just by our friends who probably agree with us, but by everyone.

#hardshutdownnow #fiveweekshutdown – just hashtags I’m making up, more media-savvy people than me can do better. Try #endcoronavirus

❤️ k

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