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Just a couple of rolls yesterday — broke out the mini tripod and forced myself to go through a roll of TMX, indoors, on a rainy day. Mostly two-second exposures. I'm just about out of the faster films, but have hardly shot any of the sackfull of TMX that I'd anticipated using most-often.

After dinner our driver impatiently grabs the bag off my shoulder while I'm trying to get in the van, and despite my protests turns the bag sideways — smack lens on the wet pavement. Everything looks okay — focus still seems smooth. Not sure if Zeiss makes the lens shell from brass or titanium, but I sure can't find a mark on it. Will try to push a short roll through at wide apertures just to check.

Should pick up some more film later today — considering the location I may be back on Neopan for a while. Considered picking up some Centuria in the special official commemorative package — Huby, tho photo mascot cartoon character of Incheon International Airport, who adorns special film boxes and also winks at you on signs that remind passengers that photography in certain secure areas is prohibited. Decided to wait for something faster than ISO 200.

Every airport is a crap shoot — Incheon doesn't hand-inspect film, they just shove it on through the xray machine. They want your shoes, too — but at least they're nice enough to provide sandals for wearing while you walk the 3-4 meters to the other side of the security check.

I can see the summit of Fuji-yama just now from my airplane window, poking up through the clouds — probably the last I'll see of Fuji for a while, considering the wet typhoon-season weather. Next stop on the ground will probably be Yodobashi Camera, for a lens check and some more film, if I can get settled at the hotel before Shinjuku retailers close for the day.

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