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Kevin Bjorke
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Tokyo (C) 2003 K. Bjorke Three rolls TMax 100, Xtol 1+1, 9:30 @ 20°C.

This one was shot early on the 10th of September, as we struggled to get ourselves functional before heading to Narita for our long return from Tokyo. About a week later I processed the roll, and the very next night, I ran across a similar shot by Japanese Photoblogger Samourai. Given the time of the post he may have shot his at the very same time, over in Nagoya (I have one even more like his, but I like this one better).

I suppose I could write-up a little diatribe about how everything that can be shot has been shot, and yet how nothing is ever really the same as any other shot, both before and after the moments of exposure. Yeah. I think I’ll just leave it as a little shout-out across the Pacific, yo.

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