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Part of my weekend was spent scanning the 645 negatives shown here (and the rest of the 220 roll — these are frames 17-20) — somehow they’d fallen through the cracks in my workflow. I found the processed roll sitting in a box atop my monitor, where it had probably been resting since March. Oops.

I just received a new ANR glass for my MFHolder, so it was a good time to try it. The glass mount is a huge improvement over the little “T” holders.

I haven’t run any color neg in quite a while, and have been slowly working-through my stockpile of Ektachrome. Not sure why I bought some NPH back in February, but here it is. I think maybe because I believed it would have better latitude in the snow. Frustratingly, since Calypso stopped running C-41 the closest lab that will take it (and not send it away) is Keeble & Shuchat, half an hour from here.

I think I prefer the E100 after all, but I’ve picked up a couple of rolls of the current Fuji 400 just in case it’s better than the NPH.

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