CgFX Maya
Real-Time Display

January 2003

The display shows an artist workstation with CgFX accelerated on an NVIDIA GeForceFX (nv30) GPU.

In this specific case, the desire is to show and tweak the shading on the wings. Therefore, the body shading has been temporary switched to a shader called "Ghostly," which creates a ghostly outline of the figure (far better than using wireframe in this case, since the model is composed of hundreds of thousands of facets rendering the wireframe displays simply a flat-colored mass, as seen on the right).

All shader switching and attribute manipulation are done through the standard Maya hypershade and attribute-editor windows. The shaded display can be playblasted and tumbled just like any other Maya window, becuase it is a Maya window.

While the example was rendered using the GeForceFX, CgFX performs well using previously-existing Quadro and GeForce3+ cards, as well as any card that supports DX8.1 or higher, regardless of manufacturer.

The CgFX plugin for Alias|Wavefront Maya or 3DStudio Max is available free from: DEVELOPER.NVIDIA.COM or CgShaders.ORG

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