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Two strong recommendations today for excellent but almost unknown photoblogs:

The first is a new blog attached to the established site of Clay Enos, who had previously been half of the StreetStudio team (the other half being fellow New York photographer Stephan Ghukfvin). Clay’s blog, begun late last year: Take Pictures.

The second blog to recommend was discovered sideways via Clay’s use of flickr: Dennis Dunleavy’s The Big Picture? Dunleavy is just around the corner in San Jose, no less. Now I know who’s been checking out all the books I can’t find in the King Library.

In celebration of these discoveries I’ll be trying to take some pictures down a the Coachella Music Festival over the next few days. They don’t permit cameras with interchangeable lenses so I’ll be slogging-along the TLR and a couple of Tri-X Pro-Packs.

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