Art at the Source 2024

Thanks for Visiting during Art at the Source 2024

Art at the Source 2024 has been Sonoma County’s largest-ever multi-venue art exhibition and open-studios event. New Artworks and Books may still be available both at Sebastopol Center for the Arts.

For those who visited during the Open Studio Sessions at Studio 16B: thanks for your support, great conversations and ideas! Hope to see you at the next Sonoma County event and always here online.

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Special Thanks to Jeweler Barbara Harris, @BarbaraHarris_Designs for providing studio gallery space! A bit like a photographer, Barbara seeks out rowdy and unusual materials to create unexpected one-of-a-kind pieces.

While I have long worked as a creator in many media, AatS’s open-studio venue is new for me. The process continues to be documented in a series of posts: