About Kevin Bjorke

Photographer, award-winning filmmaker, game and software pioneer Kevin Bjorke has been exploring the shape and impact of visual experience for over three decades.

Kevin's projects have included multiple feature films, books, theme park rides, television series and advertising, innovative 2D and 3D cameras, graphics hardware & languages, and vision-related AI systems. His collaborators have included painters and programmers, gurus and gallerists, entrepreneurs and actors, producers, puppeteers, and network execs on three continents.

As an Annenberg Scholar, Kevin's education is a product of CalArts, where he studied film, theatre, and art under Alexander Mackendrick, Ed Emshwiller, Eric Martin, Fran Bennett, mentor Kris Malkiewicz and others. He later briefly returned to CalArts as an invited visiting artist.

Kevin has been a regular lecturer at entertainment and computing conferences such as Siggraph and GDC in the US and others in France, England, China, Japan, and Korea. He has authored multiple patents in the fields of computer graphics, machine learning, and computer vision, and has been featured in varied publications including Black and White magazine, Ars Technica, Computer Graphics World and CGWorld Japan. He has been a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and for a time the Science Fiction Writers of America. He currently resides in Sonoma County, California.