Kevin Bjorke
Kevin Bjorke
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Motorcycling to the beach, Saturday morning.
Last time there, I met elephant seals - they'd gotten lost in a storm.
7AM temperature, 37F
A little frost, and my boots are too slippery to use the pegs when trying to climb back on the bike after photos.
Easy enough, but a surprise.
Behind the mountain and away from the sunlight the fog deepens quickly
Beyond this point, visibility drops to less than 200 feet, and for miles.
You can't see the deer on the icy road
in front of you or the impatient pickup behind.
Speed less than 25mph most of the way, and still hard to find things.
Arrived: Wrong beach.
Arrived: Wrong Estero.
Arrived: Top of the cliff, not the beach.
Find a different way home.
Next time, seals.
from Marshall
Will pick up some coffee beans along the route.

Back, and caffeinated.

So few blog posts during 2019 – primarily because I’ve been very focused since February working on new products with InVision.

In truth, there are several draft posts that have been lingering in various states of being written or shot or shot and written. Like crunk, botzilla ain’t dead.

(And you might ask: if I’m working with InVision, why not use InVision Studio to redesign One thing at a time… and no more than one redesign per year for this site)