Hard Road

Party like it’s 1979:

Found this formula from Ralph Gibson in the Lustrum Press book Darkroom:

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Super Presto

I still have about 20 rolls of Neopan 1600 Super Presto – that is, two or three old handrolls and an unopened 30-meter spool, purchased in Japan back when such things existed.

Rodinal 1+50, 13 minutes. The chunkiness is still there, though for this roll I’ve learned to rate it at closer to ISO 200 than its long-gone 1600 box speed.

Looking West
Ferry Building

I don’t recall Fujifilm’s film base being as physically ornery as it is now. Curls and bows, resists flattening, sharp enough to cut the negative sleeves, flying and spinning out of the negative carrier. Comparing it to a roll of modern HP5, which lays flat and still as the grave.

It Is What It Is

It’s early 2021. The roll of Acros was made in 2008, give or take a year.

Rodinal 1+50, 13 minutes. The smell of fixer: Proust’s madeleine.

An Older Future

Second of January.

A New Year’s trek to the northern tip of Point Reyes is becoming a ritual. Fog, sea, wind, elk. All of them indifferent to the few small and transient hikers.

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The Outdoor Claustrophobic

Driving an hour east on Saturday morning. Our goal: a quick impromptu run to Nevada to accompany my son and partner on the first leg of their return drive to NYU, after a Covid-escape summer.

We hadn’t counted on the fresh air of still-dark Sonoma County giving way to seeing the Sierras obscured by heavy smoke from the North Complex Fire – a brown wall ahead of us.

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